Manage Your State of Being

A writeup from April 2018

[Manage Your State of Being]

After so many challenges, realizations, surrenders... how could I justify trying to be something over trying to be some way...

This is a really big idea if you really open to it. Really let it sit with you for several days.

We are not here to force ourselves into acquiring Titles, IMO. We are here to enjoy ourselves and/or act on what's calling us (which can look like non-joyfulness) in every single moment.

What happens when you hone this skill? What happens when you develop your way of being, or optimize your state of being? All I can say is try it and see.

Can BEING in certain ways lead to better life circumstances? It's a question to ponder.

Keep in mind, addressing your state of BEING can look like a lot of things. It can look like DOing. Sometimes the best way for me to shift in to a better state is to clean something, accomplish a task, face an issue. So it's not about bypassing and pretending it's all good and blissful. It's about doing whatever most excites you an any particular moment. Sometimes that is just digging yourself a little more out of a hole (empowerment). Sometimes that is more "fluffy" (gratitude, affirmations for some people, etc.)

If you prioritize the way you ARE - how your energies flow, your emotional state, etc - you're going to be fulfilled. Experiencing fulfilment is also one way to BE.

I personally do want to have an epic life. I want to be like Kyrie Irving. I want to be a big impactful expression sometimes- on the dancefloor, singing and performing, teaching, loving, guiding, uplifting, leading, whatever. The more I optimize my state of being I feel closer to these things being a reality. Or I see them become real and then open to bigger versions of them.

I want everybody to open themselves to this idea because when it comes to who we are… there may be a deeper level than HOW we ARE, but HOW we ARE is probably the next closest thing. Deeper than LABELS we spend a lot of time and life energy consumed about.

In other words, all of this can be summed up as: get better and better at TAKING CARE OF YOUR TRUEST SELF FOR REAL in every moment. Really do the thing that feels good. "Good" is going to be a developing taste. It is going to be an evolution. But that is THE evolution. That is THE path to be on, in my opinion.

Get to know yourself better. Pick up a journal and write about the stuff that mattered to you that day. Write about your honest curiosities. About interactions you had with people. About your desires. Ask questions into the "ether". Build a general self-AWARENESS. Become an authentic, evolving, refining, crystalizing LIFE PROCESS.

If you ain't a life process, you ain't doing it right :)