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  • Growth, Healing, and Conscious Evolution

    After numerous spiritual awakenings and peak experiences, I spent years on a dedicated path of growth, healing and integration to level up my systems to support higher consciousness.


    Now, I am a space of lucidity and support for this world and our evolutionary process.


    I have sat with individuals 1 on 1 for a while, and more recently explored with groups and events, as I develop this "vessel" into one of greater and greater skill and service. Please join me in making this world a better place, starting with ourselves and the inner focus that reveals our diamond potential underneath the dust.

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  • Testimonials

    Here is what people have said about working with Ori:

    David Hu

    Software Engineer, Khan Academy


    "It's incredible. Feels like stepping up to the ocean, and theres a clearing and you can breathe...


    Ori is truly a wonderful, gifted, master being with a ton of presence. A giant vessel where I feel OK to express myself. To be with [a situation where] all of me is OK, is accepted, [and] there's room for whatever's going on- like thoughts, emotions, energies, that sometimes even by myself I cannot be with."

    Shanta Marie

    Partner, Soul Candy Institute


    "…He read my deepest blindspots and pointed them out to me. It was full and rich. I cried in appreciation of being seen and in the realization of the places I havent been showing up for myself. And the amount of fearless courage he exhibited in sharing what he intuited is humbling.


    This experience was full of insight and depth. So grateful. He was spot on."


    …"I am ready to fly..."


    Norman Tran

    Facilitated 'Touchy Feely' course at Stanford Graduate School of Business


    "Ori is truly a healer who has a gift in seeing your underlying unmet needs that he gently brings to your attention.


    In our sessions he makes space for parts of myself that I'm still scared to share in the world - vulnerabilities, shame, bad patterns, fears.


    I'm most grateful for him to understand what it takes for me to feel the most alive, accepting, and loving - things that sound trivial in words but are so paramount to experience


    Anyone who gets to work with Ori is in for a great excavation of themselves, coming out more energized, aware, and empowered."


    Sperry Andrews

    Founder/Director, Human Connection Institute


    "Ori has repeatedly graced me with his sensitivity and insight and brought me to a much needed understanding of my own body, heart, and mind


    Learning with Ori has truly been an extraordinary experience.


    To be expertly guided and reliably healed physically, emotionally and spiritually through self-awareness by a gifted and humble healer has been genuinely joyful and liberating."



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