Dream About a Woman

A writeup from July 2019

[Dream About a Woman]

Sleeping today, I had a dream about a woman.


I was going through airport security, and she was working security, facilitating me moving through


It was dim-lit, and easygoing


She told me that I was divine; that I had a light within me that was clear and taking center-stage in some ways


I felt very happy.


Then, feminine sexuality began to express through her.


She was older.


She was not conventionally attractive.


I felt nervous, as my personality wasn't attracted to her in that way, but the energy wanted to move in this way


Something felt that I had to stop thinking, and stop resisting, for this divine exchange to occur


The moment I would "allow", our bodies would melt into a vortex of a dance of some sort. So high energy, it was much less dense and physical


The next thing my mind saw, was me fully loving her; embracing her and biting her ear…


Craziest of all, was the experiential knowing that I was with "my woman" once again.


This woman was so deeply known/familiar, and I loved her so fully.


It was the woman from my past relationship.


But it was not just that. It was Amma, the hugging saint, who I've embraced multiple times.


Not just that, it was my past-PAST relationship.


This woman was eternal; and she lived inside my previous women.


More accurately, she lived inside me.