We Are All Kings And Queens

A writeup from May, 2018

[We Are All Kings and Queens]

What if we are all kings and queens in our own way. What if we all wear energetic "accolades" of lessons we have learned from life, that people can sense.

What if we have the power to "crown" people around us, with these energetic strengths.

I love getting crowned by people, when my body knows that there is something there with a person. And I LOVE crowning other people.

Is it not true that every person on the planet has some serious gifts to give? Why should we block the constant crowning of people any longer. Why should we miss out on the chills that run down our spine when this takes place. When we give another being permission to see and be in their greatness. When we show them a glimpse of that divine light they have to offer, that has become a forgotten memory because their job secretly asks them to contract. Their "friends", their family, their partner.

I think we are all crowning each other to some extent. We know it feels good, and how could we live on if we weren't. But let's chip away at the stuff that is preventing us from doing it more. The fear-based, protective-of-our-own-kingdom, blockage of seeing and crowning other kings and queens.

I see too many subtly oppressive people. There's too much fear (and blindness) of peoples gifts.

The thing is, we have our own challenges, our own pain. And that should always come first. But please SEE that this is happening. See how we oppress others who we are afraid of, or asleep about, and what a possibility our life could be if we grow here.

Why shouldn't our whole LIVES be about this occurrence. Tell me something that is more valuable.

The real key is doing the inner work, getting to know that which is blocking us from crowning kings and queens. Maybe that's what this post is about, cause won't we naturally do it once we wake up out of survival mode?

How much are you survival-mode-ing yourself past seeing and supporting the burgeoning king and queen life around you.

If you want to live in a thriving planet of amazing people, start calling it when you see it. And of course see that you are it too. But don't hesitate to start consciously seeking "crownings" from other people. This is what we are running around doing anyway. But when it becomes a conscious process, you can start to grow out of the darker seeking relationships and agreements, and fill your life up with incredible, pristine ones.

Have you ever felt WORSE, in a subtle way, after getting a complement from someone? Like you're winning at the wrong game?

I cannot tell you the freedom and fulfillment that comes with growing, leaping and letting go of approval in certain areas because your heart knows there's something bigger, and then eventually getting the approval of really incredible people because of the space you created from the letting go.

Start getting accolades from the people that your body knows can nourish you- that there's something that can be extracted from- and watch what happens. Watch how wholesome your life starts to feel. This can look like a radiant person, or a wise master, or something more subtle, more unique to your journey. But this calling is where the juice is at.

The deep wisdom here is that your own crowning of yourself is the ultimate reward. It can be fun and relevant sometimes to use relationships as "permission slips" to give yourself this self-love. But choose wisely who you LET influence you in this way. Develop your discernment for crowning-worthy people, and your life will become jet set.